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Welcome to the home of "As Simple As Photoshop" - a video-book for Photoshop users! This set of tutorials offers you an original method of a quick but total immersion into the program environment. Perhaps you have heard some people saying that Photoshop is very complex. This is partially true; learning all of this application may take you years. The "ASAP" (stands for "As Simple As Photoshop") offers you a faster way. It takes you by the hand and shows you around Photoshop, allowing you to combine all the possible learning methods - just read it, watch it, listen to it, and follow it.

The main speed-up secret is illustrations. Every tutorial here is packed with a short movie showing some practical usage of the wordy lesson. You may play those either one by one, or as a full-size and full-length video. The elaborated controls instantly guide you to required page or episode.

In the meantime, the book's interface features all the essential functions available in popular "readers" and web browsers - table of contents, history, bookmarks, text search, and more. So, you needn't choose between a Photoshop book and a Photoshop video anymore. "ASAP" is more than just a book and smarter than just a video. This fusion of the two media suggests completely new approach. For example, you use full-text search to find a particular movie episode, and then bookmark it. Or click a text link and see the related movie frame. More about using video-books...

The first chapter - a quick overview of Photoshop interface and basic work principles - is available online and downloadable as free video-book. It includes 16 movies (total running time: 20 min). However, if you really want to learn Photoshop you need the full video-book (135 movies; about 3 hours). Purchase it now and master Photoshop ASAP!

Last updated 02-May-2010