FX / MediaDatabase / ThumbDatabase / Ebenenstile finden

The following set of effects facilitates finding some of the PSE files and folders in the Explorer window.

  1. The „Reveal FX Folder“ command opens the“...\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\11.0\Photo Creations\photo effects\“ folder that contains the actions and thumbnails displayed on the „Photo Effects“ tab of your Effects panel. By managing those files you can add or remove the effects.
  2. The „Reveal MediaDatabase“ effect opens the folder containing the PSE cache file „MediaDatabase.db3“. By deleting or renaming this file you make the program update the Effects panel's contents after adding or removing the actions (see p. 1).
  3. The „Reveal ThumbDatabase“ effect opens the folder containing the PSE thumbnail cache file „ThumbDatabase.db3“. By deleting/renaming this file you update the action thumbnails after editing or replacing respective PNG files in the „photo effects“ folder.
  4. Der Effekt „Ordner Ebenenstile öffnen“ (Reveal Layer Styles Folder) öffnet den Ordner mit den Ebenenstilen, die auf der Registerkarte „Ebenenstile“ in Ihrem Effekte-Bedienfeld zu sehen sind.
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