Layer Alignment in Photoshop Elements 4 and earlier

Aligning actionsThis set of actions automatically aligns layers either to each other or to selection edges.

To align layers to layer:

  1. In the Layers palette, select layer you wish to align the other layers to (on the screenshot, the layer "dog").
  2. Click the empty cell on the layers you wish to align to link those to the "anchor" layer (in the screenshot, "butterfly" and "fish").
  3. In the Effects palette, double-click one of "aligning" thumbnails (on the screenshot, the left edges are aligned).

To align layers to selection edges:

  1. Select some area on your image. Or just press [Ctrl+A] keys to select all.
  2. Select a layer in the Layers palette. To align several layers at once, link them to each other.
  3. In the Effects palette, double-click one of "aligning" thumbnails.
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Aligning left edges of linked layers to that of layer "dog"