Enabling Language Tools

As we already know, not all Adobe Photoshop Elements distributives include dictionaries for spell check and auto-hyphenation. In the Windows versions of Elements+, the "dictionary-dependent" features are disabled by default, and the corresponding elements don't appear in the "Text" dialog (fig. 1).

To activate the "Language" menu, "Auto-hyphenate" checkbox and "Spell Check" command:

  1. In the Effects palette, double-click the "Scripts" thumbnail.
  2. In the Scripts dialog, double-click the "E+ Options" script.
  3. In the "Elements+ Options" dialog that appears, check the "Spell Check and Auto-hyphenate" gadget (fig. 2).

The missing tools appear in your "Text" dialog the next time you open it (fig. 3).

Now you may test the enabled functions as follows. If the spell checker overlooks obvious misprints and displays "Spell check complete" message (fig. 4), most probably, the required dictionaries are missing on your computer.

In this case, the author can only recommend to remove the useless elements from your "Text" dialog box by unchecking the "Spell Check and Auto-hyphenate" gadget in the "E+ Options" dialog (fig. 2).

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