Fill Opacity

Fill Opacity controlsThe set of "Fill" actions offers an alternative method for reducing layer opacity. Unlike ordinary opacity, "fill opacity" doesn't fade layer styles.

For example, to completely hide a type layer "Even" and retain its "Stroke" and "Drop Shadow" effects, the author used the "Fill 0%" action (screenshot).

To fade a layer partially, double-click the "Fill 25%", "Fill 50%", or "Fill 75%" actions (on the screenshot, layer "More" - 25%; layer "Elements" - 75%).

To restore fill opacity, you use the "Fill 100%" pictogram.

NB As a matter of fact, Photoshop Elements comes to you with 3 of the described effects. In the "Visibility" category of the "Layer Styles" tab you can find "Hide" (= "Fill 0%"), "Ghosted" (= "Fill 50%"), and "Show" (= "Fill 100%") styles. However, you may find the "Elements+" set more convenient due to its additional options and Photoshop-like names.

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Fill Opacity