Limiting Adjustments with Groups

Suppose you need to restrict a certain adjustment to 3 of 5 underlying layers (fig. 1).

  1. Create an adjustment layer, for instance, "Levels".
  2. Open the "Layers" dialog and select the adjusting ("Levels 1") and adjusted layers (in our example, "Layer 1", "Pattern Fill 1", and "Shape 1".
  3. Apply the "New Group from Selected' command.

    Although the selected layers are concealed deep inside the "Group 1" now, the image seems to be absolutely the same.

  4. In the Layers palette, pull the blending menu and choose the "Normal" mode* (fig. 2).
    *The default blending mode for layer groups is "Pass Through".

    Adding layers into layer group

  5. Now the adjustment layer only affects the layers inside the group. (fig. 3).

    Adding layers into layer group

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