Layer Grouping

Group from Layer actionThis commands creates a layer group from the current layer.

  1. Select a layer in the Layers palette
  2. Double-click the "Group from Layer" pictogram in the Effects palette.
  3. Use the drag-and-drop method to add more layers into the created group.
  4. Please note that in Photoshop Elements you can't access individual layers inside a layer group, so, be sure to adjust the layer position before grouping.
  5. Note also that when you add a new layer, it appears at the very bottom of the group. To retain the stacking order, select all the layers you need ([Ctrl]-click) and then drag them into the group.

Why group layers? Suppose you need to restrict a certain adjustment to 2 of 6 layers.
  1. Create an adjustment layer, for instance, "Levels".
  2. Apply the "Group from Layer" action. The "Levels" layer is hidden inside "Group 1".
  3. Select the layers that should be adjusted and drag them into the group (screenshot).

Now the adjustment layer only affects the layers inside the group.

Adding layers into layer group
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