Disabling Smart Filters

Although Photoshop Elements doesn't support smart filters officially, it offers some basic functions for handling them. In the Layers palette, right-click the icon in a smart filter's line and choose the "Disable Smart Filters" command. Then right-click this icon again and choose "Enable Smart Filters". To get rid of smart filters completely, choose "Clear Smart Filters" option.

But what if you have 3 smart filters on a layer? To hide and show them individually, you use their stacking indices. For example, to hide the second added filter, double-click the "Hide Filter 2" pictogram in the Effects palette; to show the (previously hidden) third filter, use the "Show Filter 3" action.

On the screenshot below, the author hides the second of 3 smart filters on the current layer.

Hiding the 2nd added smart filter

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