Importing Styles from ASL Files

The ASL files are used for backing up layer styles and sharing the created effects with other Photoshop users.

If you downloaded such a file from the Internet, now you can easily add it to your styles collection.

1. Open the "Styles" dialog and apply the "Import ASL File" command.

2. In the dialog window that opens browse to the proper file with ASL extension (screenshot).

3. In the drop menu of the "Styles" dialog, find the new category named after the imported ASL file.

The styles of the new set have serial names like "Style 1", "Style 2" and so on. If you decide to give them more relevant names use the "Rename Style" command.

Note that the new category will only appear in the Effects panel after PSE cache rebuilding.

  1. So, import all the needed ASL files.
  2. Use the "Reveal MediaDatabase" command to open the "cache" folder in the "Explorer" window.
  3. Quit Photoshop Elements.
  4. In the "Explorer" window, delete the "MediaDatabase.db3" file.
  5. Restart Photoshop Elements.
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