Place as Smart Object

This action creates an editable smart object from any image file on your computer.

  1. In the Effects palette, double-click the "Place as Smart Object" pictogram.
  2. In the "Place" dialog, choose the smart object source file. It may be a layered PSD, JPEG, RAW, or even PDF file.
  3. The imported image appears in your document window. Click the "ok" button (screenshot) or press the the [Enter] key to confirm placement.
  4. For example, this screenshot shows importing "Text Source.psd" file containing a single text layer.

    Now if you decide to alter text in the smart object:

  1. In the Effects palette, double-click the "Edit Smart Object" pictogram.
  2. The smart object opens as an ordinary document. Edit it as needed.
  3. Save the edited smart object (File > Save) - the source smart object in the original document updates immediately.
  4. Important! Do not alter the default saving directory and file name suggested by Photoshop Elements - otherwise, the changes won't take place in the source document.

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Placing PSD file with type layer as smart objecy