Path Saving

As we have already mentioned, the "Work Path" means "temporary" path. For example, when you create a new path from a selection or from text, it replaces the previous Work Path*.

*Paths created from vector shapes are saved automatically.

To secure your path, double-click the "Save Path" pictogram and enter a path name. Please note, that "Elements+" assumes just 2 conventional file names - "Path 1" and "Path 2".

As long as you don't bother about re-loading the saved paths (suppose, you want to use it only once as clipping path; or you plan sending your image to a Photoshop user), you may store in a single document quite a number of paths under arbitrary names. In Photoshop Elements, though, you will be able to activate just 2 of them - "Path 1" and "Path 2".

Please note that you can't overwrite existing paths. For example, the program won't save a path as "Path 1", in case path with this name already exists.

Unlike vector shapes, paths may be saved to various file types. For example, you can incorporate your vector drawings into a JPEG file and publish it on the Web.

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