Styles thumbnail The layer styles let us create dazzling visual effects without editing the layer content. Alas, the Effects panel in PSE only allows us to use the existing preset styles.

Luckily, the E+ "Styles" dialog can save custom styles, import style sets from ASL files, and manage individual styles.

The left part of the dialog window displays all the styles available in the ".../Photo Creations/layer styles" folder, including the pre-installed Photoshop Elements styles.

To choose a style set/category you use the drop-down menu at the dialog top.

Under the drop menu you can see the styles in the current category.

A style selected in this panel can be applied, renamed, or deleted with the help of the commands to your right.

NB By default, in the non-English PSE versions, the dialog displays localized names for the pre-installed styles. If you prefer the English names, uncheck the "Localize" gadget at the dialog bottom. (In the English versions of Photoshop Elements this checkbox is not visible.)

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