Duplicate Background

If you always begin an image editing with duplicating its Background layer now you can automate this step and forget about it.

1. Open "Script Events Manager" dialog and make sure that "Enable Events To Run Scripts" option is enabled (fig. 1).

2. Choose "File" category (fig. 2/1) and select "Open Image" event (fig. 2/2).

3. In the scripts dropdown menu, choose "Duplicate Background" item (fig. 3).

4. Click "Add" button (fig. 4/1) and make sure the new "Event: Script" line is available in the upper list (fig. 4/2).

From now on, whenever you open a flat document the script duplicates its layer.

In case the opened document already has some additional layers no duplication occurs.

Attention: In PSE for Mac, "Open Image" event cannot be detected.

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