How to Slice in PSE 15+

Since PSE 15 and newer versions don't include the Slice tool, we can only create slices from either guides or selections.

1. To slice the entire image at once, markup it with the guides, as shown on the screenshot 1. Then open the "Scripts" dialog and run "Slices from Guides" script.

2. To create a single slice, select the area of interest with the Rectangular Marquee tool* and then run "Slice from Selection" script (fig. 2).
*In case of a separate layer, just [Ctrl]-click its thumbnail in the Layers panel (fig. 2/2).

The slices created by you are "user-slices" (their number-pictograms are blue). To generate HTML-table covering the whole document, the app may also create additional cells called "auto-slices" (with gray pictograms).

PSE tends to hide the auto-slices. However, you can see them anytime in "Save for Web" dialog.

Tip. If you can't see the slice pictograms, run "Show Slice Numbers" script.

A video-tutorial on this topic is available here.

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