Auxiliary Commands

Let's see how to use the three auxiliary commands of the "Macros" set.

1. To execute the last saved macro without opening the "Scripts" dialog, just play "Test" action.

2. In case, while recording a macro, you need to perform some tasks that shouldn't be recorded, play "Pause Recording" action. When you are ready to continue, use "Resume Recording" action (screenshot).

3. If you have recorded a part of a macro and want to validate it without saving, use "Pause Recording" and then "Test" command. (In the "Pause" mode, "Test" executes the current, yet unsaved recording).

In case the recording works fine, either save it to macro or resume recording. If the recording doesn't work as intended, start a new macro.

4. If you want to append a few steps to the last saved macro, use "Resume Recording" action. When finished, re-save the macro.

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