RAW Corrections Dialog (PSE 11+)

This dialog includes several features, otherwise unavailable in the PSE-version of the Adobe Camera RAW plug-in (hereinafter, "ACR"). It allows to edit both RAW and regular graphic files.

Notwithstanding the format of the edited image, all the changes are stored in a sidecar XMP file.

0. Open an image in PSE Editor.
Then, run the script "RAW Corrections".

1. In the dialog that opens, choose a tab (feature set) by clicking the corresponding button at the top (fig. 1).

2. By default, the preview image (fig. 2/1) is updated after each editing step. In case these updates significantly slow down your work, choose a smaller preview size in the drop menu (fig. 2/2). The size change will take effect on the next dialog opening.

3. In case after completing the "undocumented" corrections you decide to continue editing your image in the native ACR plug-in window, check "Show ACR" gadget (fig. 3).

4. To confirm the changes and open the picture, click "OK" button (fig. 4).

5. For 8-Bit images, the edited image appears in the same document as a new layer. Thus, you can evaluate the correction result by turning the uppermost layer on and off (fig. 5).

When working in 16-bit mode, the edited photo opens as a separate document.

A video-tutorial on this topic is available here.

Important! The script works correctly if the ACR plug-in saves the image settings to sidecar XMP files. Although this option must be selected by default, it's recommended to check the ACR plug-in preferences by clicking the button in the ACR window.

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