Show Swatches Panel

This script opens the Color Swatches panel on a certain event.

For example let the Swatches open on selecting the Brush tool.

1. Open "Script Events Manager" dialog and make sure that "Enable Events To Run Scripts" option is enabled (fig. 1).

2. Load "Tools" category (fig. 2/1) and choose "Select Brush Tool" event (fig. 2/2).

3. In the scripts dropdown menu, choose "Show Swatches Panel" item (fig. 3).

4. Click "Add" button (fig. 4/1) and make sure the new "Event: Script" line is available in the upper list (fig. 4/2).

From now on, whenever you activate the Brush, the Color Swatches are already at hand.

Tip: In a similar way, you can bind the Info panel to the Color Picker (Eyedropper) tool or the Layers panel to PSE startup.

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