Smart Plug-ins

Along with the Adobe filters coming with Photoshop Elements, the third party plug-ins can also be applied as smart filters.

In case some of the plug-ins supported by the "Smart Filters" script are installed in PSE, they appear in a separate menu (the supported plug-ins are listed below). You apply a plug-in by selecting it from the list, as shown on the screenshot.

Then, you can handle the applied "smart-plugins" exactly like the standard filters -- edit, hide, change blending mode, etc..

Please, keep in mind, though, that the smart plugins may behave differently from the standard smart-filters. Their reliability and ease of use cannot be guaranteed.

Below is the list of the third party plug-ins supported by the "Smart Filters" script:

- AKVIS Refocus
- AKVIS Enhancer

- Imagenomic Noiseware
- Imagenomic Portraiture
- Imagenomic Realgrain

- Nik Analog Efex Pro
- Nik Color Efex Pro
- Nik Dfine
- Nik Sharpener Pro
- Nik Silver Efex Pro
- Nik Viveza

- ON1 Perfect B&W
- ON1 Perfect Effects
- ON1 Perfect Enhance

- Topaz photoFXlab
- Topaz Adjust
- Topaz BW Effects
- Topaz Clarity
- Topaz Clean
- Topaz DeJpeg
- Topaz DeNoise
- Topaz Detail
- Topaz InFocus
- Topaz Lens Effects
- Topaz ReStyle
- Topaz Simplify
- Topaz Star Effects

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