Text thumbnailTo access the texting functions you use either "Text" thumbnail in the Effects palette or "Text" action from Elements+ action set.

As you can see, alongside with the common Commands panel (fig. 1), the "Text" dialog includes a number of sliders and drop menus.

While "Layer" tab is open (fig. 2), all those tools apply to the entire type layer.

To modify just a selected portion of the text, go to "Fragment" tab* (fig. 3).

*The "Fragment" tab is only available in PSE 11+ for Windows. Editing selected fragments under Mac OS is not currently possible.

Please, keep in mind that you can't use the Effects palette while editing text content. This means, in particular, that before opening the "Text" dialog, you have to exit "text editing" mode by pressing [Ctrl+Enter] keys.

While the script dialog is open, Photoshop Elements may not display the editing progress in the image window. The preview at the dialog top (fig. 4) lets you evaluate the result in real time.

If the edited text is taking up only a fraction of the document area, the preview may be too small. To make it usable, prior to opening the Text dialog, select the area of interest with the Rectangular Marquee Tool (fig. 5).

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Text-ralated actions

Text-ralated actions