Managing Alpha-channels

Alpha-channel thumnailAs mensioned previously, the alpha-channels are selection saved in your document. In PSE, we can save, load, and delete selections using the "Selection" menu. E+ adds some alternative tools from the full Photoshop store.

Save as Alpha-channel thumnailFirst off, an existing selection (e.g., just loaded channel) can be instantly saved by double-clicking the "Save as Alpha-channel". A new item Alpha-channel thumnail immediately appears in the Channels list.

Rename Alpha-channel thumnailFor the new channels PSE automatically generates names like "Alpha 1", "Alpha 2", etc. If you prefer more descriptive names use the "Rename Alpha-channel" command (screenshot).

Load Selected Channel pictogramTo load a saved selection, choose the proper alpha-channel in the Channels list, define (if necessary) the loading mode and apply the "Load Selected Channel" command. Or just double-click the alpha-channel's Alpha-channel thumnail line in the Channels list.

Delete Alpha-channel thumnailAt last, if don't need a savaed selection any more, you can get rid of it by using the "Delete Alpha-channel" command.

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