Auto-Blend Layers

The "Auto-Blend" command automatically combines layer contents.

As an example, let's combine the two ducks into single picture.

  1. Drag the source images into the same document.
  2. Place the combined layers one over another with an overlap (fig. 1).
  3. In case one of the layers is "Background", convert it regular layer (Layer > New > Layer from Background).

  4. Open the "Layers" dialog and, in the left panel, select the both layers (fig. 2).
  5. Apply the "Auto-blend Layers' Auto-blend Layers thumbnail command.

  6. In the dialog box that opens, specify the blending purpose - Panorama or Stack Images (fig. 3).

  7. The rest of the job will be made automatically (fig. 4). If you are not happy with the result, try to amend the layer masks with a soft brush.

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