The "Confetti" script scatters around the image randomly colored and sized shapes.

  1. In the Toolbox, click the Foreground color indicator and choose the "base" color.

    To create variegated confetti, choose a saturated color - for example, bright red or yellow.

  2. Launch the "Confetti" script.
  3. At the top of the dialog that opens, choose one or more available shapes.
  4. Specify the desired amount of chads with the "Quantity" slider.

    Please note that the larger this value is, the longer time the task requires.

  5. The "Size" slider defines the "base" item diameter. By default, the average value is equal to 8% of the smaller document dimension.
  6. The "Overlap" value defines how much the neighboring shapes may overlap each other.
  7. The "Opacity" slider sets the average shape layer opacity.

    The sliders in the next section stipulate the acceptable spread of a shape’s properties from the base values.

  8. The "Size Jitter" defines the diameter scatter.
  9. The "Hue Jitter" value defines the color temperature scatter.

    For instance, if the foreground color is bright yellow, "0%" of the "Hue Jitter" creates shapes of the same tint of yellow, while "100%" makes multicolored confetti.

  10. The "Saturation Jitter" slider sets the intensity deviation from the Foreground color.
  11. The "Brightness Jitter" specifies the confetti color lightness scatter.
  12. The "Opacity Jitter" slider sets the acceptable spread of the shape layers' opacity.
  13. Every single chad created by the script will appear on a separate layer. The "Group the created layers" option combines all the created layers into a layer group.

    Note, though, that grouping hundreds of layers will take the script several minutes.

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