Creating Data Sets

Now we have to tell Photoshop Elements all the possible combinations of destination photos and welcome messages.

1. Start the Define Variables script.

2. In the uppermost menu of the "Variables" dialog, select the "Data Sets" item.

3. In the "Data Set" row, click "New Data Set" button. In the text field, enter a meaningful name for the first "destination_localization" pair. In the below example, "Thailand_DE" means a journey to Thailand for German speaking tourists.

4. In "Variables" area, choose "welcome_header" name. Then enter the message text into "Value" field.

5. Now select "welcome_image" variable, click "Select File" button, and browse to the image file depicting the current destination.

6. Create a new data set and define for it a combination of the destination photo and welcome text.
And so on...

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