Edit Smart Object

This command lets you edit the contents of a smart object created with the Convert to Smart Object, Place as Smart Object, or Open as Smart Object commands*.

*Unfortunately, the command doesn't let us edit smart objects, created in full Photoshop. A workaround for editing such objects is described here.

  1. Open the "Layers" dialog.
  2. Select a smart object in the Layers list.
  3. Double-click the "Edit Smart Object" command (fig. 1).
    *Alternatively, you may call this command by double-clicking a smart object's name in the Layers list (left panel).

  4. The smart object opens in a separate window as an ordinary document (on the screenshot 2 - "Layer 11.psd"). Edit the image as needed. (On the screenshot 2, the author has created adjustment layer "Invert".)
  5. Save the edited smart object (File > Save) - the source smart object in the original document (in our example - "slope.psd") updates immediately.

Saving changes in smart-object immediately affects the source document

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