Focus Stacking

Combining a series of photos into a single image is often used for achieving a deeper depth of field. "Focus Stacking" script lets you accomplish this trick with a single click.

1. So, you beging with taking a series of pictures with different focal points. (Using a tripod is strongly recommended.)

In the example shown on the screenshot 1, the camera was first focused at the blue pencil (photo "DSC_2806"), then at the green pencil ("DSC_2807"), and at last, at the red one ("DSC_2808").

2. Open the taken pictures (and only them) in the PSE Editor.

3. Run "Focus Stacking" script.

The result of combining the sample photos is shown on the screenshot 2.

Please, keep in mind that this method is a huge memory hog. When stacking many photos, you may need to reduce their size prior to running the script.

A video-tutorial on this topic is available here.

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