As we know, frequency separation is a retouching technique, allowing to smoothen image details selectively. "FS-Sharpener" helps us to use the same method for very efficient sharpening. (Yes, "FS" in the script name stands for "Frequency Separation".)

1. Run "FS-Sharpener" script.

After dividing the image to frequency-layers the script activates the mask of the "Textures" layer, chooses the Brush tool and makes the foreground color white. Now you only have to choose a soft brush tip and set the stroke opacity to 30% or so.

2. Paint over the places you want to sharpen (fig. 1).

3. If you need to remove the sharpening effect from certain areas, clear them with the Eraser tool.

4. In case the achieved sharpness isn't sufficient for you, activate the mask* of the "Detail" layer (fig. 2) and paint over it with white color (fig. 1).

*Just in case you forgot, you activate the mask by clicking the second (right) thumbnail of the corresponding layer in the Layers panel (fig. 2).

A video-tutorial on this topic is available here.

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