Layer Comps

By merely manipulating layers in a document, you can achieve utterly different results. The layer comps let you save multiple designs within a single PSD file.

1. Open a layered document or create a new one.

2. Run "Layer comps" script.

3. In the "Layer Comps" dialog box, click the "New Layer Comp" button (fig. 1).

4. In the "New Layer Comp" dialog, specify which parameters should be saved to the new composition (fig. 2). The "Visibility" option means the layer opacity value; the "Appearance" is responsible for its style and blending mode.

5. Make some changes to your layers - hide, move, add layer effects, or change blending modes. Then create a new layer comp.

6. Now that you have several comps, you can easily switch between them. Just select the required item in the "Layer Comps" dialog and click "Apply" button (fig. 3).

7. To alter a created comp, modify your layers as needed, then open the "Layer Comps" dialog, select the required comp, and click "Update" button.

8. If you need to save all the created layer comps as individual images, open the "Layer Comps" dialog and click "Layer Comps to Files" button.

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