Loading Path, Mask, or Layer Opacity

This set of commands lets you instantly make a selection based on the existing elements of your document.

Load Current Path thumbnailThe "Load Current Path" command uses the active path:

  1. Create a new path or select an existing one.
  2. Open the the "Selections" dialog and apply the "Load Current Path" command (fig. 1).
  3. In the "Make Selection" dialog, define feather radius and operation mode. For example, you can soften the edges of a new selection and add it to an existing selection. On the screenshot 2, the author adds the loaded path (apple) to the existing selection (girl).

The 3 following commands load as selection mask of the current layer (of course, if such a mask exists).

  1. Load Layer Mask thumbnail To load the (pixel) layer mask, double-click the "Load Layer Mask" command.
  2. Load Vector Mask thumbnailTo load the vector mask, apply the "Load Vector Mask" command.
  3. Load Vector Mask thumbnailThe "Load Smart Filter Mask" command loads the filter mask .

Load Layer Mask thumbnailAt last, the "Load Layer Opacity" function makes selections based on the current layer's borders.

NB Surely, not all of the described commands may be labeled as "undocumented" (layer opacity and mask edges can be loaded by the regular PSE means). Nevertheless, the author decided that the included standard commands can save the user from closing the "Selections" window too often.

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