Handling Styles

The "Styles" dialog lets you manage both categories and individual styles.

1. Prior to manipulating an individual style you select it in the left panel of the dialog window.

2. To alter a style's name apply the "Rename Style" command. On the screenshot, the "Style 1" is renamed "Rose Gold".

3. To rename the current style set, use the "Rename category" command.

3. The "Duplicate Style" command allows to copy a style from the current set to another category.

4. To remove an unnecessary style from the current set, select it in the left panel and apply the "Delete Style" command. The "Delete Category" command removes the current style set.

5. If you wish to share your style with other Photoshop or Photoshop Elements users, apply the "Reveal Layer Styles folder" command. Then, in the Explorer window, copy the desired ASL files.

Please keep in mind that renaming and other changes to the styles catalog will be displayed in the Effects panel after re-building the PSE cache file.

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