The "Measure" script can measure distances and angles, calculate areas, and level images.

For example, if you want to calculate an object's area:

  1. In case the object is in separate layer, select it in the Layers palette. The screenshot 1 exemplifies measuring a text layer "Contact us".
  2. Or select some portion of the image with a selection tool.
  3. Run the "Measure" script.
  4. Choose the desired units (fig. 1) and read the result in the "Area" line.

How to measure the distance between two points:

  1. Activate the Rectangular Marquee tool and drag with it from the starting to the ending point. On the screenshot 2, the author measures the distance between the duck's eye and the tip of the beak.
  2. Run the "Measure" script.
  3. Choose the units and read the distance value in the "Diagonal" line.

How to level the image off:

  1. Drag with the Rectangular Marquee tool along a presumably horizontal or vertical line. For example, on the screenshot 3, the author takes the coastline as horizontal.
  2. Open the "Measure" dialog.
  3. The image slope is already measured here, so you only have to click either "Turn right" or "Turn left" button (fig. 4).

  4. Cut the uneven margins with the Crop tool (fig. 5).

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