This script creates multiple copies of the current layer and modifies each "clone" for verisimilitude.

  1. Choose the source layer in the Layers panel or create a new one.

    In the sample screenshot, the only real raspberry has been selected and copied from the "Background" to the "Layer 1".

  2. Launch the "Multiplier" script.
  3. In the dialog box that opens set the desired number of duplicates with the "Quantity" slider.

    Please note that the larger this value is, the longer time the task requires.

  4. Set the "Overlap" value. In our example, the berries may overlap each other by up to 40%.
  5. Specify the "Size Jitter", that is, the acceptable scatter of the duplicates' sizes.
  6. The "Angle Jitter" is responsible for the layer rotation. In our example, the berries may swing to up to 30º.
  7. The "Opacity Jitter" slider defines the acceptable spread of the layer opacity.
  8. The "Group the created layers" option combines all the created layers into a layer group.

    Note, though, that grouping hundreds of layers may take you quite a long time.

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