Create Path from Shape

This command saves a shape outline as a path and deletes the source shape layer*.

  1. Select in the Layers palette an existing shape layer or create a new one.
  2. Open the "Paths" dialog.
  3. Apply the "Create New Path From Shape Layer" command. In the left panel there appears a new item named like "Path 1", "Path 2" etc..

    NB To create a path from vector mask of a raster layer, use the "Create New Path From Vector Mask" command.

Why convert a shape to a path? For example, to raster-stroke it (see example). Or to incorporate a vector drawing into a JPEG file (unlike shape layers, paths can be stored with various image formats).

*To create a shape-based path without deleting the source layer, select this layer in the Layers palette, open the Paths dialog, and apply the Saving Path command.

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Creating path from shape layer