Swapping Input Modes

As we know, there are two texting modes in PSE - "single-line" and "paragraph".

We add a single-line (in Photoshop terms, "point") text by clicking with the Type tool. Each line of such a fragment is independent. To start a new line we have to press the the [Enter] key (upper screenshot).

To add a "paragraph", we define its boundaries by dragging with the Type tool. Paragraph text wraps automatically (lower screenshot).

Each method has its own pros and cons. E+ allows you to switch between the two modes on the fly.

  1. Select a text layer.
  2. Open the "Text" dialog.
  3. Convert to Point TextTo turn existing "paragraph" to "point" (single-line) text, apply the "Convert to Point Text" command.
  4. Convert to Paragraph TextAnd vice versa, "Convert to Paragraph Text" turns point text to paragraph.
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Point (single-line) texting mode

Paragraph text mode