Pseudo HDR

This script imports into the document several copies of the same RAW-file, thus facilitating creation of a pseudo-HDR image.

Suppose we can see that the background of the opened RAW photo is well exposed, the foreground is too dark, and the sky is too light.

1. So, launch the "Pseudo HDR" script. The source file reopens in the Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) dialog window.

2. Increase the "Exposure" value to make the image foreground lighter and click "Open Image" button.

3. The photo opens in the ACR window for the second time. Reduce the exposure value as to develop the sky detail and click "Open Image".

4. Now we've got all we need from the source file, so, when the ACR opens for the third time, click "Cancel" button* and the script is finished.

*Again, you stop the script by pressing the "Cancel" button in the ACR dialog. Without interruption (i.e., if you press "Open Image" every time the dialog opens), the script stops by itself after importing four layers.

Now the pseudo-HDR document created by the script contains three layers. The far end of the island is well exposed on the "Background" layer, the foreground trees look the best on the "Layer 1", while the most detailed sky is on the "Layer 2".

So, we have to mask the improperly exposed areas of the "Layer 1" and "Layer 2" as shown on the screenshot.

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