The "roboCrop" crops the images automatically.

  1. In the "roboCrop" dialog window, enter the desired "Width" and "Height" values.
  2. In the "Units" menu, choose the proper option:

    - If you select the "proportions" (fig. 1), the script merely fits the image to a specified ratio by cutting the excess parts.

    - If you select the "pixels" option (fig. 2), the script changes both the ratio and the pixel dimensions of the image.

  3. The "Crop" menu lets you pre-define, which kind of images should be cropped - only landscape, only portrait, or any ("crop anyway").
  4. The "All open images" option makes the script to crop all the currently opened documents.

If you want to crop a whole folder of images - for example, to make them fit into an HD screen - use the "Batch" tool:

  1. Call the "roboCrop" dialog and enter the desired values (fig. 2).
  2. Click the "Save and Close" Save and Close button button to make the script remember your settings (fig. 1).
  3. Launch the "Batch" script.
  4. Select for execution the "roboCrop -batch edition" script (fig. 2).
  5. Choose the source directory and "Destination" options.
  6. Click "Run" to start the batch processing.
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