Select Color Range

"Select Color Range" is a handy tool for selecting continuously colored areas. Please, note that this command isn't available in the "Selections" dialog. To access it you have to load "Selections" set into your Actions panel (more about).

  1. If your image contains similarly colored areas, you may need to pre-define the selected area roughly, e.g., with the Rectangular Marquee. While a selection is active, the "Color Range" only works within the selected area (fig. 2).
  2. In the Actions panel, play "Select Color Range" action (fig. 1). The "Color Range" dialog that opens contains a black and white preview thumbnail of the currently selected color. The white areas indicate "selected" range; the black ones mean non-selected.
  3. In the image window, click on the color you want to select.
  4. In the dialog box, activate "Add to sample" eyedropper and click in several other places to add more tints to the selection (fig. 2). To remove a color range from the selection use "Subtract from sample" eyedropper.
  5. Adjust the tool's sensitivity with the "Fuzziness" slider (fig. 3).
  6. When ready, click "OK" to commit the selection.

Selections tab

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