Slice Options

1. Activate the Slice Select tool and double-click one of the "navigation" slices, for example, "Home".
This opens "Slice Options" dialog allowing to customize the HTML settings for the selected cell.

2. In the "URL" field enter some address for the main page of our hypothetical web site.
Well, let it be "../index.html".

3. Additionally, you can define the slice name, the Message Text (displayed in the browser status bar), or the Alt Tag (displayed if the image not loaded).

4. Open options dialog for some other slice, for example,"Next". In the "Slice Type" menu, select "No Image" item to "empty" the slice.

5. Now you can add some text that will be displayed instead of the image. To enable the hyperlinking, you have to add the "href" tag. Also you may need to customize the font appearance.

6. In the "Slice Background Type" menu, select "Other" item and choose light grey color, similar to the color of the neighboring slices.

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