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"As Simple As Photoshop" is a video-book for Photoshop users. This set of tutorials offers you an original method of a quick but total immersion into the program environment. Perhaps you have heard some people saying that Photoshop is very complex. This is partially true; learning all of this application may take you years. The "ASAP" (stands for "As Simple As Photoshop") offers you a faster way. It takes you by the hand and shows you around Photoshop, allowing you to combine all the possible learning methods - just read it, watch it, listen to it, and follow it.


Video Introduction to Elements+

This add-on powers up your Photoshop Elements by revealing the most of undocumented functions inherited from full Photoshop.
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The patch comes to you with an automatic installer, so, you needn't follow tricky instructions and copy dozens of files to different locations manually. To make sure that it works on your computer well, please download the download demo version.

Last updated 20-Oct-2018 (what's new)

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"Script Arsenal" is a handy catalog of Photoshop scripts allowing you to quickly find and apply the desired tool. It comes to you with 100+ ready made scripts for creating various effects and streamlining your everyday workflow. (more about).

To make sure the "Script Arsenal for Photoshop" is right for you download demo version.

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"Script Arsenal for PaintShop Pro" is a set of 50+ ready made macros for creating various effects, streamlining your everyday work flow, and adding some new features that are otherwise unavailable in PSP (more about…).

To make sure the "Script Arsenal for PaintShop Pro" is right for you download demo version.