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Photoshop Elements Work Area

§ 3. Double-click on any empty area - the "Open" dialog box appears. Locate on your computer our sample directory and open an image file. The image opens in its own window.

§ 4. Pull the image window by its title bar to reposition it.

§ 5. Now drag the Toolbox by its title bar and drop it elsewhere, just to get a feel for customizing your workarea.

§ 6. Image thumbnails in the Photo Bin let us switch between currently opened images. If you can't see the Bin, click either its arrow or the button in the status bar. If you don't need it at the moment, hide the bin to save some workspace.

§ 7. Also, you may hide any workarea item using the "Window" menu. For example pull down "Window > Tools" to hide the Toolbox.

§ 8. To display a hidden item, you also use the "Window" menu. For example, pull down "Window > Photo Bin" to open it.

§ 9. Close the image file by clicking "x" on the document window.

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