Brush Settings (1)

1. On the Options bar, display the Brush Preset picker.

2. As default, the Brush Preset picker displays brushes in "Stroke Thumbnail" viewing mode. The brush strokes allow us to judge about the brush dynamics. If you use a pressure-sensitive digitizing tablet, you can choose a dynamic (brush, dynamically changing shape, opacity and / or color) or not dynamic brush (movie).

3. If you don't use a tablet, you may select "thumbnail" or "text" view from the picker menu (movie). Also, you use this menu to manage (load, replace, etc.) brush libraries.

4. To choose a preset brush, click on its stroke / thumbnail.

5. If necessary, adjust brush tip shape with the Master Diameter and Hardness* sliders.
*All the other brush properties can be set in the Brushes palette.

6. To apply the changes and close the picker (after editing your brush), either press [Enter] key twice or start painting. [Esc] key discards the changes.

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