Using Photoshop Filters

In the previous example we have tested two "focusing" filters. In the "Filter" menu you can find a lot more tools designed for versatile, sometimes rather specific, tasks.

§ 1. From the program menu select "Filter > Filter Gallery". It opens a huge dialog window allowing us to test and combine various filters before applying them.

§ 2. To add an effect to your image, just click its thumbnail in the "library" pane. If you don't like the result, try other filters.

§ 3. Adjust the selected effect's parameters in the "options" pane.

§ 4. To impose a new effect over the existing one, click the "new effect layer" button. Then select a different filter in the library pane and/or edit its settings.

§ 5. To delete a mistakenly added filter, select its effect layer and click the "trash" button. Note though, the list may not contain less than one effect. To get rid of it you either replace it with another filter, or click "Cancel" button.

§ 6. When ready, click "OK" to apply the chosen filter(s).

NB Not all the filter libraries are available in the Gallery. Many useful filters can only be called individually, via the "Filters" menu. For instance, see usage of Lens Correction filter.

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