Opening Images in Photoshop

Before we start with image editing, let's learn to manage graphic files. First of all, open a few pictures from our sample folder using the following ways:

§ 1. Pull down "File > Open" to display the "Open" dialog* that is pretty much a standard system file box with a preview area at the bottom. Another nice feature is the Favorites button in the upper right corner. Bookmark our sample folder; chances that you will use it often. Then select one or more image files (hold down [Ctrl] key while selecting multiple items) and click "Open".

*Alternatively, you may call this dialog by double-clicking in an empty area or using [Ctrl + O] keyboard shortcut.

§ 2. Choose a recently opened image in "File > Open Recent" menu.

§ 3. Pull down "File > Browse" to launch the "Bridge" (image browser), find an image on your computer and double-click its thumbnail.

§ 4. By default, Photoshop opens images as tabs. In case of multiple opened documents, you navigate those by clicking their tabs.

§ 5. To move a tabbed image to a separate window either pull it by its header or choose "Window > Arrange > Float in Window". To open all images as windows, use "Float All in Windows" command.

NB To the "windowed" mode default, deactivate "Open Documents as Tabs" option in your Preferences (Edit > Preferences > Interface).

§ 6. Please note that only one - active - image can be edited at any given moment. Before editing a picture be sure to select appropriate document by clicking its window or tab.

NB Opening a "camera raw" file automatically launches the Camera Raw plugin.

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