Photoshop Workarea Tour (2)

So, adjust the workarea layout in some way. For example, close all the palettes you suspect to be useless and collapse all the others to icons. Suppose, now it perfectly fits your taste, habits, or a specific kind of job. Now let's save this workspace for later use.

§ 7. Pull down "Window > Workspace > Save Workspace". In the "Save Workspace" dialog, enter a more or less descriptive name (let it be "My Space") and click "Save". Done!

§ 8. Again, re-arrange your palettes in some way or just load a preset workspace (Photoshop comes to you with a few preset workspaces tuned to different industries and tasks) as it is shown in the movie.

§ 9. From the program menu, select "Window > Workspace > My Space" to get back the saved workarea.

§ 10. To restore the palettes to their default positions, select the Essentials layout either in the main menu or in dedicated "Workspaces" list.

NB Whenever you get lost or confused with your customized Photoshop's interface, use the "Essentials" workspace to return to the original settings.

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