Audio Annotation Tool

The Audio Annotation Tool allows you to attach to image your voice notes*.

  • Make sure that your microphone is plugged in.
  • In the Toolbox, select the Audio Annotation Tool.
  • Click on the image. Audio Annotation dialog box appears.
  • Click Start to begin recording.
  • Speak into the microphone.
  • Click Stop to finish recording.
  • on the Options bar you can change author's name and set annotation icon color
  • You can drag your annotations anywhere at any time; even while some other tool being active.
  • To hide / show annotations, use either [Ctrl+H] shortcut or pull-down menu: View > Show > Annotations.
  • To delete a note, either select it (clik on it) and ress [Delete] key or right-click on it and use context menu (movie)
  • To delete all annotation click Clear All button on the Options bar.

*The image should be saved in PSD or TIFF format.