Measure Tool

The Measure Tool calculates distances and angles in the work area.

  • In the Toolbox, select the Measure Tool.
  • To calculate distance from one point in the work area to another, drag line between the points.
  • In the Info palette and in the Options bar, you can read the measuring line data:
    • X, Y - coordinates of the starting point
    • W - horizontal length
    • H - vertical length
    • A - angle relative to the axis
    • D1 - total length
    • D2 - total length of second line
  • To measure other distance, drag another measuring line, or drag an end of existing one to resize it (movie).
  • To measure an angle, crate a protractor by alt-drag ging (drag holding [Alt] key pressed) at an angle from one end of the measuring line.
  • To constrain the Measure Tool to multiples of 45, shift-drag (drag holding [Shift] key pressed).
  • To hide / show annotations use [Ctrl+H] shortcut.
  • To completely remove measuring line, drag it out of the image.