Pen Tool

The Pen Tool creates stright lined and smooth curved vector shapes
and paths.
  1. In the Toolbox, select the Pen Tool.
  2. On the Options bar, choose a drawing mode: to draw a vector shape layers click button ; to draw paths (shape outlines) click button.
  3. Click on the image to set the first anchor point.
  4. Set another anchor point to add a segment.
  5. Click and drag to add a segment and change line shape.
  6. Auto Add/Delete gadget on the Options bar (selected by default) allows us to add and delete anchor points*:
    1. click on a path to add an anchor point
    2. click on an existing anchor point to delete it.
  7. To delete the last added anchor point press [Delete] key. Press again to delete the rest of your path / shape.
  8. Close the contour (click on the first anchor point) to complete the path.
  9. Press [Shift] key while drawing to constrain the segment angle to a multiple of 45°.
  10. When drawing the shapes, you can also choose a Style for the shape layer on the Options bar.

*Use this feature while the path is not completed yet.