Viewing & Navigating Images (2)

§ 7. Move the zoomed document to tab. Now the picture fills all the workarea, however we can't see the entire image, because it is still too large.

§ 8. Another way to navigate large and magnified images is the Hand Tool. Activate it by clicking the "hand" button on the Toolbox.

§ 9. Drag the image with the Hand Tool to bring the hidden areas into the view. Again, keep in mind that you move the view only and not the image content.

§ 10. Pull down "View > Actual Pixels" or click the "Actual Pixels" button* in the Options bar to view the image as it actually is, that is at 100% zoom.

NB Always estimate the sharpness of an image at 100% zoom.

§ 11. Click the "Fit Screen" or "Fill Screen" button* in the Options bar. Now the image view is resized as to better fit your workarea.

*These buttons are only available while the Hand or Zoom tool being selected. At any other time you can access "Fit On Screen" command using [Ctrl+0] (Zero) keyboard shortcut; to choose Actual Pixels view, press [Ctrl+Alt+0].

§ 12. With a number of opened images - some windowed, some tabbed, and some minimized - finding a document may become not that simple. To activate the right one, select its name from the "Window" menu.

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