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Viewing & Navigating Images in Photoshop Elements (2)

§ 7. Maximize the image window, by clicking its "rectangle" button. (Make sure you are clicking the document window gadget and not the window gadget for the program itself.) Now the image view fills all the workarea, however we can't see the entire image, because it is still too large.

§ 8. Another way to navigate large and magnified images is the Hand Tool. Activate it by clicking the "hand" button on the Toolbox.

§ 9. Drag the image to bring the hidden areas into the view. Again, keep in mind that you move the view only and not the image content.

§ 10. On the Options bar, click the "Actual Pixels" button* to view the image as it actually is with 100% zoom.

NB Always estimate the sharpness of an image at 100% zoom.

§ 11. On the Options bar, click the "Fit Screen" button*. Now the image view is resized to better fit your workarea.

*These buttons are available only while Hand or Zoom tool being selected. At any other time you can access "Fit On Screen" command using [Ctrl+0] (Zero) keyboard shortcut; to choose Actual Pixels view, press [Ctrl+Alt+0].

§ 12. In the "maximized" mode, you can't see the inactive images. To display a hidden image, click its thumbnail in the Photo Bin, select it from the "Window" menu, or choose the multi-window viewing mode.

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