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Painting in Photoshop Elements (1)

Let's look at the Toolbox once again. As you can see it is full of some (supposedly useful) instruments. Let's try some of them.

§ 1. Open an image file [Ctrl+O] from our sample folder.

§ 2. From the Toolbox, select the Brush Tool.

§ 3. In the Options bar, define brush tip size as it is shown in the movie.

§ 4. In the Color Swatches palette, click a color you want to paint with.

§ 5. Paint over your image.

§ 6. Open the Brush Preset picker and choose a hard brush - for sharp-edged strokes - or a soft brush for gradual color transitions.

NB The tip size and hardness are most essential but not the only properties of a brush. Scroll down to the bottom of the presets list to find some fancy brushes for various artistic effects.

§ 7. There are some more controls for the Brush Tool in the Options bar. For example, you can reduce the "Opacity" value. Now the Brush paints with transparent strokes allowing seeing the previous content.

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