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Opening Images in Photoshop Elements

Before we start editing, let's learn to manage image files. First of all, open a few images to your choice from our sample folder using the following ways.

§ 1. Pull down "File > Open" to display the "Open" dialog box* that is pretty much a standard system file box with a preview area at the bottom. Another nice feature is the "Favorites" button in the upper right corner. Add our sample folder to your favorites; chances that you will use it often. Then select one or more image files (hold down [Ctrl] key while selecting multiple items) and click "Open".

*Alternatively, you may call this dialog by double-clicking in an empty area or using [Ctrl + O] keyboard shortcut.

§ 2. Pull down "File > Open Recently Edited File" and select a file from the list.

§ 3. In the "Organizer" (built-in image browser), select an image thumbnail and apply "Edit > Go to Full Edit" command.

§ 4. If you open multiple files, they open in separate document windows. Please note that only one - active - document can be edited at any given moment. Before editing an image make sure to select appropriate document window.

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